SVA Project 1: Design a cover for PRINT MAGAZINE using only black & white to interpret black & white.
Font: OCRA


SVA Project 2: Design an OP-ED piece for a given story using black and one color.
Font: Futura Bold Condensed


SVA Project 3: Design a logo (2 versions) for the U.N. using two colors; no black.
Fonts: UN – Universe Extended Black, un – Helvetica Neu Black Extended


SVA Project 4: Design a banner for the UN Food for Life event. Three colors, no black.
Fonts: Food for Life – Gogo Big, UN WFP – Archecond ssi regular, Sponsored/Date/Address – Arial Black, WWW – Arial


SVA Project 5: Design a bus banner (2 versions) for one of the 2004 “Best Picture” nominees. Four color.
Fonts: Mystic River – Helvetica Neue 93Black Extended Oblique, Directed by – Diskus Bold, Now Available – Akzidenz Grotesk Black


SVA Project 6: Design a CD cover, spine, and back for one of your favorites. Four color.
Font: Myriad Roman


SVA Project 7: Design a book jacket for Language Visible. Four color.

Fonts: Title and Author – Galahad, Background – Galahad Alternate, Subtitle – Kabel Heavy